Accessible Hotel in Logroño: Apartamentos Congreso for People with Disabilities

▷ Accessible Hotel in Logroño: Congress Apartments for the Disabled

What are accessible hotels?

Accessible hotels are hospitality establishments that offer universal accessibility solutions to ensure that everyone, including people with disabilities, can enjoy a comfortable, safe stay.

Physical accessibility at Apartamentos Congreso

At Apartamentos Congreso, we’re proud to offer tourist accommodations that are accessible and adapted to people with disabilities. Our hotel facilities include common areas and adapted areas to ensure the comfort of people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs, as well as older people and people with motor difficulties.

Adapted Rooms

The adapted rooms at Apartamentos Congreso are designed for people with reduced mobility and people in wheelchairs. The room has enough open space for lateral transfers, a bed at the appropriate height, flat screen TV with subtitles and a private bathroom that features an adapted sink, seat and bars in the shower.

Some problems that people with disabilities encounter in hotels
People with disabilities often face different challenges in adapted hotels. These may include a lack of wheelchair access in common areas, bathrooms that are not adapted, rooms without enough space to manoeuvre and hotel staff who are not trained to meet the needs of guests with disabilities.

How much does an adapted hotel in Logroño cost for tonight?

The prices of an adapted hotel in Logroño may vary depending on the season and availability. To get the best offer at Apartamentos Congreso, we recommend reserving in advance and checking our prices and promotions on our website.

How much does it cost to stay at an adapted hotel in Logroño?

The cost of staying at an adapted hotel in Logroño depends on factors such as the duration of the stay, the type of room and the additional facilities required. Apartamentos Congreso offers competitive prices and special packages to ensure that our guests enjoy accessible, comfortable accommodations.

What should an accessible hotel offer?

An accessible hotel, such as Apartamentos Congreso, should have facilities and services designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, including:

  • Wheelchair access in the entire establishment
  • Adapted rooms with enough space and the appropriate furnishings
  • Adapted bathrooms with support bars and shower seats
  • Staff who have received training on how to support guests with disabilities
  • Clear, accessible signage for people with vision problems
  • Adapted communication systems for people with hearing impairment

Accessible tourism in Logroño

Apartamentos Congreso is located right in downtown Logroño, just a few minutes by car from the major tourist attractions. Our tourist accommodations allow you to enjoy the rich culture and delicious gastronomy of the region, while ensuring a comfortable, accessible space to rest.

Private parking

We have private parking at our facilities, with parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities and reduced mobility. Our staff is always willing to help with carrying luggage and assisting our guests.

Personalised service

At Apartamentos Congreso, we strive to offer exceptional service to all our guests, including people with disabilities. Our staff is trained to meet the specific needs of people in wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility.

Adapted facilities

Our hotel has adapted facilities to ensure an accessible tourism experience. From the entrance to the common areas, from the rooms to the bathrooms, we have implemented accessibility solutions that allow people with functional diversity to enjoy their stay without worries.

Adapted bathroom and hygiene items

Each adapted bathroom in our rooms has support bars, a shower seat, enough room for lateral transfers and special hygiene items for people with physical disabilities.


Apartamentos Congreso is the ideal option for people looking for accessible accommodations in Logroño. Our adapted facilities and services ensure a comfortable, pleasant stay for people with disabilities and reduced mobility, and our staff is always willing to provide the best service. Book your tourist apartment at Apartamentos Congreso and enjoy an accessible tourism experience in the heart of Logroño.